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Will Mayo Repeats Legendary Vedauwoo Crack

Will Mayo is known for his difficult winter sends, but he is no stranger to the stone.

Yasha Hai is a finger-sized roof crack that was among the first rock climbs in the world to be rated 5.13a (circa 1979). The first ascent was recorded as having been done by an anonymous visiting Japanese climber.

Many assume it was the crack climbing legend Hidetaka Suzuki, yet he became a Vedauwoo denizen during the 1980s and is credited by name for many other first ascents.

Strangely, this magnificent climb stood unrepeated for more than 30 years, until crack ace Mason Earle made the second ascent.

Lately, Yasha Hai has seen a few more repeats by local Laramie hard-men and Will mayo. This route is a must-do for crack climbing addicts.

The late 1970s saw a handful of hard 5.13s climbed in America. In 1977, Ray Jardine climbed The Phoenix 5.13a in Yosemite, and Pete Cleveland sent Phlogiston 5.13b at Devil’s Lake. In 1978, John Long and party sent Hangover 5.13a at Tahquitz and a year later, Tony Yaniro climbed Grand Illusion, the first 5.13c gear climb in North America.