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Winners of the 2021 Ouray Ice Climbing Competition

It was one of the most exciting Ouray ice comps of the past few years, with hard routes and strong climbers

The Ouray Ice Climbing Competition took place on Jan. 23 with dozens of athletes, no in-person spectators and a livestream that had thousands of people watching from home.

This event is the only ice climbing competition taking place in America this winter due to covid.

Mixed Comp Men/Women

1. Keenan Griscom / Corey Buhay
2. Kevin Lindlau / Angela Limbach
3. Cody Stevenson / Catalina Shirley

Speed Comp Men/Women

1. Liam Foster / Beth Goralski
2. Cody Stevenson / Lindsay Hastings
3. Tom Beirne / Catalina Shirley

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