The experienced Quebec team of Nicolae Balan and Louis-Phillipe Ménard skied into  Quebec’s famous big wall, Cap Trinite, in March. They made a first free winter ascent of the Cap via  the original route up the right side of the cliff first climbed in the summer by German climber Dieter Cowkroski, naming it The Frozen German M6, WI6, 5.8, 250m. They also climbed a long, mixed route up a 300 m gully and corner to the left of the main wall. Although they initially believed it to be a first ascent, they soon realized that their climb was, in fact, Mince a Vie WI 4, M5, first climbed in 1999 by Marie-Eve Côté and François Lareau. Both climbs show the incredible potential for long remote mixed routes in Quebec.