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You Can’t Go Rock Climbing in Spain or Italy Right Now

Climbing gyms, stores, transit and ski hills are closing, so it's a good time to stay home and train

The coronavirus outbreak is forcing some countries to take very extreme measures to protect their citizens. Residents of Spain and Italy are restricted from leaving their houses unless for work or groceries (more here). That means that climbers are not allowed to go to the crag or gym. Climbing was already closed at Margalef and Siurana at the end of last week.

It’s being recommended that to slow the rise of coronavirus cases, everyone should stay home, that includes Canadians (unless for work or groceries). Everyone should avoid travelling to go climbing, inside or outside of Canada.

Be sure to follow Stefano Ghisolfi on Instagram, as he’s been under quarantine in Italy for some time and is promoting training hard for when travel restrictions are lifted. Update: More countries are increasing restrictions every day.


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