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Youth Bouldering Nationals Qualifications Results

Qualifications for Youth Bouldering Nationals at Boulderz in Ontario took place on Feb. 13.

Over 100 top Canadian youth athletes took part in the first day of Nationals. For some climbers it’s their first Nationals and for others, it’s their last.

Many of the Junior climbers have experienced international comps, have won regional events and Tour de Blocs and have over a decade of competition experience.

Be sure to check in to Gripped.com tomorrow as there is a chance semi-finals will be live-streamed. Full results here.

Top Six Junior Male / Female

1. Samuel Tiukuvaara / Becca Frangos
1. Lucas Uchida / Olivia Wyett
2. Nathan Smith / Lia Wieckowski
3. Ben Hughes / Eva Thompson
4. Kyle Murdoch / Beth Vince
5. (5)Simon Yamamoto / Hannah Block

Top Six Youth A Male / Female

1. Dylan Sarrery / Mika Hosoi
2. Ivan Luo / Sophie Buitendyk
3. Alex Fricker / Bronwen Karnis
4. Jack Wyett / Courtney Belleau
5. Zackery Mathieu / Justine McCarney
6. (5)David Trudeau / Zoe Beachemin

Top Six Youth B Male / Female

1. Mitchell Haight / Jani Zoraj
2. Zach Richardson / Aggy St-Jacques
3. Emet Marrale / Babette Roy
4. (3)Guy McNamee / Madison Fischer
5. (3)Silas Roy-Brenneis / Mani Dias
6. Aidan Doyle / Paige Boklaschuk

Top Six Youth C Male / Female

1. Brennan Doyle / Indiana Chapman
2. Owen Gambling / (1)Sonya Colliander
3. Iain Hill / Riley Galloway
4. TJ Foley / Sophiane Bertrand
5. Benjamin MacDonald / Sara Macchioni
6. Hugo Valence / Alexis Digiuseppe

Youth C climbing is underway at Canadian Youth Bouldering Nationals! @boulderzclimbingcentre #competition #bouldering

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