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10 Signs You’re a 1990s Rock Climber

The 1990s were a great time for climbing and to be a climber and many of you probably won’t remember these.

But! If you were climbing in the 1990s, then you probably remember when…

10. Toronto’s Joe Rockhead’s was first commercial gym in Canada (1990)

A Joe Rockhead’s ad that appeared in Gripped magazine

9. Wolfgang Gullich sent Action Directe (1991)

8. Lynn Hill freed The Nose 5.14 on El Cap (1993)

7. At 14 years old, Katie Brown and Chris Sharma rose to fame (1995)

6. There was only one GriGri

Now there’s GriGri, GriGri2 and GriGri+

5. Ben Moon and Jerry Moffat’s film The Real Thing came out (1996)

4. Madrock and Evolv didn’t exist

Some vintage 5.10s

3. Rifle was the hottest route crag and Hueco was the hottest bouldering spot

2. Big Up’s climbing video Rampage came out (1999)

1. No climber owned a Sprinter van

Fred Beckey and his road-tripper