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16-Year-Old Climbs Rarely Repeated 5.15

A 16-year-old French climber nabs his hardest ascent to date and becomes one of the few to climb so hard at so young an age

Last week, 16-year-old Victor Guillermin climbed Gerome Pouvreau’s Sachidananda, a 5.15a in Orgon, France. Originally bolted in 1990 by Jérome Rochelle, though the project would not see an ascent for 19 years. In 2009, Pouvreau became the first to squeak his way to the top of what would become one of the leas repeated 5.15a’s in the world.

Guillermin became the third climber to tick this route following 20 sessions, 40 tries, and three trips to the south of France. It was his goal from the onset to climb the Sachidananda before he turned 17. Not only did he manage this, but he did so in incredible style. He had only climbed one 9a, or 5.14d, preceding this impressive ascent.

Sachi can be divided in three parts: a first one, which can be grade 8c/5.14b, very powerful and aleatory and just after there is the crux, a savage 7C+/V10 boulder… To finish, there is left a hard 8b+/5.14a to climb before the top….”

The young rock enthusiast dabbles in competition climbing as well. According to an interview conducted by 8a.nu, Guillermin’s goals for 2022 include making podium at European Youth Cup in order to qualify for the European Championships. He further described ambitions that would take him to the World Championships where he dreams of podiuming.

After winning the French Youth Cup earlier this April, Guillermin could become one to watch in the upcoming seasons. His youth is difficult to ignore, but his recent rapid progression speaks toward a climber set on being one of the best in the world.

Read about Guillermin’s ascent of Estado Critico here.

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