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2020 Piolets d’Or Recipient Talks About Climate Change

Despite his own carbon footprint, Graham Zimmerman decides that he must take action and joins Protect Our Winters

Graham Zimmerman, one of the world’s top alpinists and the recipient of the Piolets d’Or 2020, talks about becoming and imperfect advocate for the environment.

In the high-climate air of the world’s wildest mountains, Zimmerman has seen first-hand the effects of human-driven climate change on the world. He has seen glaciers recede, winters become shorter, and weather patterns become more volatile.

As his eyes have been opened to the irreversible damage that humans are doing to the planet, he has been forced to acknowledge that he is complicit in the destruction of these places that he loves. Despite his own carbon footprint, he decides that he must take action and joins Protect Our Winters, an advocacy group that enlists him in the fight against Climate Change.

In doing so, he starts down the path of advocacy in an increasingly turbulent world. A world that will challenge him in many ways, not least of all by asking if he can accept his imperfections to become an effective advocate.

Zimmerman on Climate