As the end of 2018 draws near
We offer some rhyming reflections on the year

World Cup Season was a ball
Watching Canadians from Yip to McColl

First-time winners were showered with love
From Kruder, Vezonik, to Khazanov

For the women, some of the best we’ve seen yet
Nonaka, Noguchi, Pilz and Garnbret

The first combined event was this year
Eyes on 2020 and for whom we might cheer

Two movies came out, of which you must know
The inspiring Dawn Wall and gripping Free Solo

New and old crushers still making the news
Pushing the limits of what climbers can do

An exciting time for climbers, so much innovation
Helpful training podcasts, setters with imagination

And steps being made to make our sport more inclusive
From the likes of Hey Flash Foxy and Never Not Collective

Here’s to rock climbing, indoors or out
Discussions of a grade being soft or stout

Here’s to our lingo that bonds us together
‘Get pumped,’ ‘Work out beta,’ ‘Bear down on that crimper’

Here’s to a year that is injury-free
Or for those of us broken, here’s to recovery

Here’s to those climbers who inspire us all
On a burly steep angle or a tricky slab wall

Here’s to climbing, whatever level you’re at
If you’re a rock star in a van or a committed gym rat

To clipping bolts, placing gear, or whatever’s for you.
To trying and flailing and getting stronger while you do

Here’s to another year of projects and sends
But, perhaps most of all, to climbing with friends

*The following was inspired by my grandma’s annual “Christmas poem”, which shared the year’s events and reflections in numerous rhyming stanzas. She wrote her last one at 100 years old and it was still much better than this one. Happy New Year from me and the folks at Gripped.