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Aberdeen Columns are Splitter B.C. Basalt Crag Climbs

There are over 150 splitter crack routes up to 25 metres

The Aberdeen Columns have over 150 routes that range from easy to hard and rise up to 25 metres from the talus. They’re located close to Vernon in the Okanagan Valley in interior B.C. They’re about a two-hour drive north of Skaha.

The columns are polygonal basalt and offer nearly perfect finger to offwidth cracks. The area was mostly developed by Lyle Knight and friends from 2005 to 2010. Knight published an in-depth online free guidebook, that you can check out here.

B.C. climber and filmmaker Dave Mai was recently visiting the area and made a short video using drone footage that you can watch below. For a map of where the crag is, visit here. If you’re on a road trip, then consider spending a day or two exploring this amazing area. Just don’t forget the bug spray. Read Mai’s blog about his trip here.

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Getting spanked by splitters at the Aberdeen Columns.

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Aberdeen Columns