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Adam Ondra by the Numbers with Lattice Training

Analyzing athletes is nothing new, sports like baseball and hockey have endless stats. Breaking down the numbers for climbers is more difficult, as no one is keeping score. Sites like 8a.nu an Sendage.com have been around for over a decade and some climbers use them to log every climb. Those logged climbs can be broken down and analyzed in the form of statistics. The folks at Lattice Training, which includes Tom Randall, Ollie Torr, Remus Knowles and Dale Comley, have analyzed Adam Ondra’s 8a.nu scorecard. With climbing in the Olympics in 2020, we might see more climbers’ being chopped up into graphs and charts.

By the numbers: Ondra climbed the most routes/year in 2009 and 2010, 100 per cent of his 5.15c sends are first ascents while only 31 per cent of his 5.14d sends are first ascents, and he has climbed 180 routes in Frankenjura. For more of Ondra’s numbers visit here.