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Adam Ondra Said Angela Eiter Deserved Award More

The 2018 Rock Master Festival took place in Italy and the Arco Rock Legends wrapped up the first day of the event.

The prizes were awarded to those athletes who have both accomplished great achievements and contributed with their passion and positive spirit to the sharing and spreading of the love for this discipline.

The winner of the Dryarn Climbing Ambassador doesn’t need an introduction, it’s Reinhold Messner, the undisputed king of alpinism.

After reaching the limits of rock climbing in his youth, he proceeded to becoming the first ever alpinist to reach the summit of all the 14 8,000-metre in the world.

No one else has been able to explore, understand and overcome the limits of mountaineering as well as those of life itself, thus becoming a living legend and example for the outdoor world.

The La Sportiva Competition Award, was given to the 2017 Lead World Cup Champion, French climber Romain Desgranges.

Czech climber Adam Ondra was awarded the Wild Country Rock Award as the first to climb 5.15d and for flashing a 5.15a.

Despite his many accomplishments, Ondra has never lost his love of climbing which he discovered at 14 years old.

He also greatly respects other climbers and after thanking everyone for his award, he was quick to point out that he believes Angela Eiter deserved it more for becoming the first woman to climb 5.15b with her send of La planta de shiva in Villanueva del Rosario, Spain.

Top Climbs by Angela Eiter
2017: La planta de shiva 5.15b, Villanueva del Rosario, Spain
2015: Era Vella 5.14d, Margalef, Spain
2014: Big Hammer 5.14d, Pinswang, Austria
2014: Hades 5.14d, Götterwandl, Austria
2014: Hercules 5.14c, Götterwandl, Austria first ascent