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Alberta and B.C. Youth Bouldering Provincials Results

See below for results from the Youth Bouldering Provincial Championships held at Calgary Climbing Centre (AB) and Project Climbing Cloverdale (BC) this past weekend.

Also, stay tuned for BC Open, Junior, Youth A Bouldering Provincials hosted by Boulderhouse in Victoria this coming weekend, Jan. 19-20, 2019, and Alberta’s Open Bouldering Provincials held at CCC Chinook the following weekend, on Jan. 26-27, 2019.

Alberta Youth Bouldering Champs

Junior Male/Female
1. Tyson Martino/Lisa van de Panne
2. Dylan Bokenfohr/Sophia Berkhold
3. Ethan Pitcher/Lauren Kwan

Youth A Male/Female
1. Tyler White/Paige Boklaschuk
2. Will O’Brien/Lily Trottier
3. Jakob Learned-Lavoie/Grace Wieninger

Youth B Male/Female
1st – TJ Foley/Peyton MacDonald
2nd – Logan Jones/Isobel Stady
3rd – Louka Gay/Siena Mar

Youth C Male/Female
1. Adam Edwards/Olivia Pollard
2. Lincoln Ohuchi/Alexa Vanier
3. Lochlan Radstaak/Sydney Kozak

Youth D Male/Female
1. Camden Lund/Hillary Tourigny
2. Connor Ohuchi/Lucy Baker
3. Emmit Decillia/Julia Marks

British Columbia Youth B, C, D Bouldering Champs

Youth B Male/Female
1. Ethan Long/Emi Takashiba
2. Lucas Edmunds/Maki Koci
3/ Finn Fraser Grathwol/Tula Sherkat

Youth C Male/Female
1. Griffin Tulk/Alison Timmer
2. Nolan Fielding + Jack Anthony (tie) / Caiya Taylor-Ainslie
3. Ava Morris

Youth D Male/Female
1. Jack Nicholson/Sienna Chow
2. Bruce Kong/Avery MacDonald
3. Noah Schwartz/Payton Betker