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Alpine Club of Canada Has New Great Plains Section

During the Alpine Club of Canada’s (ACC) 2018 Annual General Meeting, ACC board members unanimously voted for the creation of our newest section: Great Plains. The following is a press release from the ACC.

The new ACC section will serve the “Treaty Four Lands of Great Plains” which encompasses the majority of Southern Saskatchewan with its operating centre in Regina. The new section will provide a great opportunity for who live a little too far away from Saskatchewan Section headquarters in Saskatoon but still want to take part in the ACC community.

With that said, it is with great pride that we welcome the Great Plains Section to our ACC family.

Little History

The history of the Great Plains Section goes back to the roots of the Saskatchewan Section, originally operational between 1921 to 1946, and then re-formed in 1995. The community gathered and trained around small bouldering walls for the bigger ranges – most recently in a double door garage bouldering cave. With a tight-knit community, it makes sense that it cultivated a strong sense of stoke to get after bigger objectives outside of the immediate surroundings.

With the most recent development of the Regina Climbing Centre climbing gym in 2018, a new opportunity has opened up for a new ACC section.

Mountain People Across Canada

While the Great Plains is perhaps best known for its expansively flat terrain, the territory has managed to produce many who love for the hills. With long winters and the willingness to drive great distances, perhaps it’s only natural.

The arrival of a new climbing gym in Regina provides a perfect hub for the community to gather and train before travelling to other provinces or to warm crags down south.

Members of the section come from various professional backgrounds but all share a love for skiing, hiking, climbing (obviously) and a love for the outdoors.