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Australia Has a New Hardest Sport Route

Tom O'Halloron has redpointed a steep 10-metre climb that he said is now the country's most difficult line

Tom O’Halloron has made the first ascent of his multi-year project in Australia, calling it Hump of Trouble. He has not yet proposed a grade but said it’s the hardest route in Australia, which would make it 5.14d/15a or harder.

O’Halloron had previously climbed several 5.14d sport routes, had sent The Wheel of Life V15 and competed in the Tokyo Olympics. He bolted Hump of Trouble back in 2016 and spent over 60 days projecting it from then until 2020, but didn’t return until this year.

About the route, he said, “It’s the hardest piece of climbing I feel like I’ve ever done, I have no idea of the grade. Anyone that has dived deep, deep, deep, on a first ascent redpoint will understand where I’m coming from here. There’s a certain point where the difficulty just doesn’t make sense anymore.”

Earlier this summer, O’Halloran shared a video (watch below) of himself projecting Hump of Trouble, noting that it felt like a V13 into another V13 with no rest.

Hump of Trouble Project

Post-Send Breakdown