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Basecamp Radio Conversation with Andrew Brash

On this episode of the Banff Centre Radio podcast Basecamp, Gripped editor Brandon Pullan talks to Calgary-based climber Andrew Brash.

Andrew Brash
Andrew Brash

Andrew Brash is a Calgary climber and teacher who has been climbing for over 20 years. He’s traveled and climbed in Tibet, China, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Alaska, Chile and Nepal.

In May of 2006, he took the final step towards his life-long goal of climbing Mount Everest. Only 200 metres from the summit, his dream was cut short for a noble cause.

He and his team called off their final ascent to assist an Australian climber, Lincoln Hall, who was descending from the summit. Hall was declared dead by his team and left high in the death zone. He spent the night alone above 8,600 metres.

His wife and teenage sons were informed of his death by satellite phone that same evening. However, Hall was still clinging to life when Brash and his team discovered him some 12 hours later. They spent many hours helping Hall to recover and organizing his rescue.

Brash returned in 2008 to summit Everest.

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