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Bouldering in Kelowna

Selected as a finalist in the 2014 Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival, The Fields is a short documentary film following the story of local climber Andy White.

The Boulderfields, also known as the fields, is a potential world class bouldering area located south of Kelowna, B.C . Although the area has been known as a sport rock climbing area for quite some time, it’s only been in the last few years that people have been discovering the amazing bouldering the area has to offer. In that time hundreds of problems have been established, ranging from easy V0 lines, to hard double digit lines.

At the forefront of development in the area are local climbers Andy White and Jason Duris. After a life threatening traditional climbing fall, Andy started bouldering in the Okanagan and hasn’t looked back. The film also provides a primer as to what bouldering is for those new to the sport.

For more info on bouldering in the Okanagan Valley, please visit Andy’s blog at okbouldering.blogspot.ca/

The Fields – A Bouldering Film from Clayton Arnall on Vimeo.