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Brad Gobright Sends 31-Pitch El Corazon 5.13b on El Cap

Brad Gobright has repeated the well-known El Capitan route called El Corazon, a 31-pitch 5.13b.

“It took 19 hours and is probably the most challenging thing I’ve done in climbing,” said Gobright after his send.

“It took two seasons and a lot of failure for me to achieve this so I’m pretty happy it’s in the bag. I’m pretty sure I got the third one-day free ascent after my climbing heroes Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold made a team free ascent a while back.”

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Canadians Will Stanhope and Mike Doyle climbed the route in spring of 2017 with Stanhope freeing the entire route and Doyle sending a great deal of it. Read more here.

“El Corazon is no joke to follow,” said Gobright. “There’s mandatory free climbing and aid climbing through scary loose traverses (not to mention the thousands of feet of steep jugging) and Henry Feder handled all of this like a pro while carrying a heavy pack.”

El Corazon was first climbed in 2001 by Alex Huber and Max Reichel over six days of aid climbing. Huber and Reichel returned and Huber made the first free ascent at 5.13b. See a topo here.

The second free ascent was by Tommy Caldwell and Beth Rodden in 2007 and has since been sent about seven or eight times.

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