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You Have to Bring This Gear up Mont Blanc Now

The Gouter Route on Mont Blanc is one of Europe’s most popular alpine climbs and now you have to bring certain gear if you want to climb it.

The Mayor of St. Gervais near Chamonix has signed a by-law that will enforce a minimum equipment and clothing list that everyone heading up the route must adhere to.

Gouter Route on Mont Blanc

The reason for the new rules is because of many climbers being ill-prepared for the technical nature and cold conditions of the climb.

The Facebook page for the town read, “In spite of efforts by mountain professionals in convincing certain climbers that Mont Blanc cannot be summited as easily as a small hill.

“In spite of the media coverage revolving around stories of irresponsible behaviour, nothing can be done and fatal accidents have become more and more frequent due to carelessness and the strong urge to achieve a goal.” Full post here.

There have been a number of accidents and deaths this summer which led many authorities to consider closing the route.

Nearly 400 climbers attempt the peak every day during the summer months. There is no say on how the list will be enforced.

The List
– Hat, glacier sunglasses, ski mask, sunscreen
– Helmet
– Headlamp
– Two pairs of gloves
– Gaiters
– Layers, hardsell pants/jacket and socks)
– Boots and crampons
– Harness and crevasse gear
– Rope
– Ice tool, trekking pole
– GPS or compass and altimeter

Top mountain runner Kilian Jornet posted on Twitter a nude photo of him on Mont Blanc and noted, “So if you climb from the Italian side, this is legal?”

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