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Cedar Wright is Giving Dirtbags Money

And it's awesome. The dirtbag fund will see $5,000 given out to dirtbags who could use a little support

Cedar Wright is a veteran big wall climber and filmmaker who’s known for films like Sufferfest and Safety Third, he now wants to give dirtbags money.

Wright is no stranger to promoting the dirtbag lifestyle and has long argued that it was dead or dying. In an article for Climbing titled ‘Dirtbagging is Dead’, he said, “We are on the brink of a great tragedy. Climbing has a dying breed in its ranks, a breed upon which the very foundation of our sport was built: the dirtbag. The golden age of climbing is replete with these anti-heroes: Pratt, Chouinard, and Beckey are our dirtier, more destitute Magic, Bird, and Jordan. But now it would seem dirtbag culture is on the brink of extinction; perhaps destined to go the way of the swami belt or the figure eight belay device.”

And in an article for Outside five years ago titled ‘Give Your Sprinter to a Real Dirtbag’, Wright said, “As we pulled into the Boulder city limit, the three-hour drive almost behind us, I saw the mother of all four-wheel-drive Sprinters, decked out with all kinds of after-market racks and add-ons that made the vehicle look like, well, one of the most badass vans I’ve ever seen. If wings had popped out the sides and it had gone airborne I wouldn’t have been surprised. We pulled up closer and I looked at the license plate: it read Camp4. I couldn’t believe the irony. Camp 4, a walk-in campground in Yosemite, the very emblem of dirtbag culture, plastered onto the license plate of an extremely expensive, borderline-ostentatious camper van almost certainly owned by someone that was as much a dirtbag as Warren Buffet. ‘Arrrggh!’ I screamed, waking Nellie up from her slumber. ‘Give your Sprinter to a real dirtbag!'”

And nearly a decade ago, a film called ‘This Guy is the Last of a Dying Breed of Climber’ was released featuring Wright – watch below. To combat the death of the dirtbag, Wright has partnered with several brands to give away money to those dirtbags who can’t afford Sprinters and who chase the climbing dream. He’ll be giving away five dirtbag grants of $1,000 USD. To Apply email thedirtbagfund@gmail.com with a short essay and some photos and maybe a video of you explaining why you deserve the cash and what you’d do if you get a dirtbag grant, along with links to any socials or cool stuff you want me to see.

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