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Climbers Attempt Waddington Sea to Summit

In spring 2016, Justin Sweeny, Jimmy Martinello, Eric Hjorleifson, Christina Lustenberger and Bradford McArthur sailed out from Squamish on La Montaña.

They reached the head of Bute Inlet and attempted to approach the next 67 kilometres by foot and ski to climb Mount Waddington deep in the Coast Mountain Range.

They only had three weeks during a hot spring. It states on the full story from Arc’teryx, “For three years, Justin Sweeny held onto his intense wish to retrace the route of intrepid adventurers and bonafide B.C. explorers, Phyllis and Don Munday, in seeking a ski descent of the elusive and prized Mount Waddington.

“On each of their twelve attempts, the Mundays had six week windows and zero success. When Sweeny, Hoji and Lusti set out, they had half that time and temperatures had soared.

“They returned early, disgruntled. This is a three part series on what happened on their expedition, from different points of view.” Read the full story here.