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Climbing is Illegal in Israel and Ofer Blutrich Wants to Change That

Despite some access issues, we are lucky in Canada that we can climb pretty much anywhere we want. Things are very different in Israel.

No matter how much climbing you’ve done, we pretty much guarantee that you won’t have climbed in the Country we’re discussing today, largely because climbing on most of the crags there is illegal.

Ofer Blutrich

The Country in question is Israel and we caught up with professional climber Ofer Blutrich to find out more. Ofer currently does a lot of his climbing outside of Israel, having exhausted most of the lines on the country’s two legal crags.

Frustrated by the lack of new climbing spots, he has been campaigning for better access to the cliffs of his home Country and has made a video featuring climbers from around the world asking to climb in Israel.