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DMM Carabiner Recall Instructions

Further to our September 14th 2015 Product Recall Notice please find below additional information on how customers can return any potentially faulty carabiners in their possession to DMM.

Please choose one of the following methods to return your carabiner. It will either be replaced or repaired.

1. Please return your carabiner to your most convenient DMM retailer together with a printed out and completed Retailer Return Form. In some cases your retailer may be able to replace the item(s) directly, but in most cases they will need to forward the form and the product back to the distributor.


2. If this is not possible, please return to the distributor in your country along with a Distributor Return Form. A list of distributors can be found here.

DMM Carabiners Potentially Recalled
DMM Carabiners Potentially Recalled

As an overview, DMM records show that there are are approximately 120,000 carabiners that have the pusher and spring combination that can cause the pusher to displace.

As of Sept. 18, DMM have received back 157 carabiners with displaced pushers.

DMM would like to assure you they are working hard to minimize the time you are without your carabiner(s) and making every effort to return your product to you as soon as possible.

DMM have established two new production lines in their factory in order to build up the stock of good gates.

“We fully realize that this recall causes unwanted inconvenience and sincerely apologize for this,” DMM stated. “As always, safety has to be the first and foremost consideration. Many thanks for working with us whilst we resolve this issue.”

DMM Pusher Gate Self-Test. For more on the problematic biners, see here.