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Don’t Leave Smoke Butts at Climbing Areas

This week, Jan. 21 to 27, marks National Non-Smoking Week, an annual event across Canada for more than 30 years. Don’t smoke.

There are a number of climbers who smoke, either joints or cigarettes or both. Many climbers agree that there’s nothing worse than cigarette smoke blowing around at a crag or outside the climbing gym.

National Non-Smoking Week aims to raise awareness about the health risks of tobacco, in all its forms, as it provides education on the resources and support services available for those who wish to reduce or quit tobacco use.

If you do smoke, then be sure to pack out your butts and don’t smoke around other climbers. Don’t leave your butts at crags, on mountains or on belay/bivy ledges.

Also, if there’s a no-smoking ban because the summer temps are outrageously high, then don’t smoke.

Read entertaining, but outdated, forums about climbers and smoking here and here.

For more information on National Non Smoking Week visit Canadian Council for Tobacco here.

Eric Shipton smoking in the Himalayas in the 1950s, the last time it was cool