Calgary climber Evan Hau has been busy this year projecting new routes at the steep Planet X in Cougar Creek in Canmore. Hau has ticked two new hard lines this year including Copper Comet and Polar Lights 5.14a.

Polar Lights is to the right of Hau’s route Cobalt Gecko 5.14b/c. It climbs the a steep patch of rock between Iron Butterfly 5.14+ and John Doe 5.14b. Hau is currently spending time in Echo Canyon with B.C. climber Elan Jonas McCrae, who is projecting Sacrifice 5.15a. To date, no Canadian climber has ticked 5.15.

Planet X has been busy this year with a number of top climbers sending hard routes, including Dexter Bateman with a send of Cobalt Gecko and Simon Yamamoto with a tick of The Illusionist 5.14a. Other climbers who’ve been climbing at Plant X this week include Mike Doyle and Sasha DiGiulian.

Hau’s Planet X Routes

Copper Comet 5.14?
Polar Light 5.14a
Fudge to Go 5.14b linkup
Cobalt Gecko 5.14b/c
The Magician’s Apprentice p2 5.14b
Embrace the Pain 5.13d
Hot Fudge Cream Puff 5.14a
The Prestige 5.14c

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