Raccoon sends new urban big wall Photo Ben Johnson

In 2013, a raccoon was spotted making the first ascent of a route that was deemed impossible – a raccoon-proof urban boulder.

Shortly after its big send, it packed up and left town to a remote mountain range for big wall training.

Five years after the caught-on-tape urban boulder send and the raccoon has returned to North America.

Most of the world’s urban bouldering challenges had been climbed, but the 25-storey UBS building in Minnesota remained a project for many.

Raccoon set out around mid-day and by 3:30 am Wednesday morning it had reached the roof after making the first free ascent and solo of Procyon Lotor Direct.

We reached out to famous urban big wall climber Alain Robert, but he had just been arrested in Seoul for attempting the Lotte Tower, where he made it to the 75th floor. No joke, see here.

From boulders to big walls, this raccoon is pushing the urban limits.

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