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Film: Bala Bala!

A short film called Bala Bala tells the story about Klemen Becan’s contribution to the Slovenian climbing scene through developing a climbing area called Osp. Its most famous crag, where the hardest rock climbing routes are found, is called Pajkova Streha, which means spider’s roof.

The story follows Becan’s achievments in developing and climbing the tufa cave. He bolted seven popular routes, including two of the hardest rock climbs in Slovenia, Halupca 1979 5.14d and Waterworld 5.14d, which he sent a few months ago. In late March 2014, he bolted an 180-metre route, which he graded around 5.14a.

Bala Bala! | A short film by Stripe visuals about Klemen Bečan’s climbing in Osp from Stripe Visuals on Vimeo.