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Filming Alex Honnold, World’s Best Free-Soloist, for Epic Movie

Alex Honnold free-solos in the Dolomites and desert for new film The Soloist in virtual reality

Virtual reality offers  Alex Honnold a new and innovative way to share his free-soloing. Produced by Jonathan Griffith Productions in partnership with Red Bull Media House and Meta Quest, Alex Honnold: The Soloist VR takes you to some of the world’s most remote and beautiful climbing locations using the latest in high resolution 3D 360° capture.

“It was a great pleasure getting to work with Honnold and be able to lean on his drive, motivation, and professionalism to capture footage in locations that most people would have simply said ‘no’ to,” said Griffith.

“Honnold was as much a producer in this project than an athlete. It was also a huge honour to have long term friend of mine Renan Ozturk shoot and direct a Behind the Scenes series of the production, I’m really proud that we had such an incredibly experienced cameraman and director there to shoot the story because honestly its just as good as the VR one.”

In episode one, Honnold climbs in  Yosemite National Park and Red Rocks before heading to Europe where he teams up with Swiss climber  Nicolas Hojac to tackle some of the toughest climbs in the Dolomites.

Episode two culminates with Honnold and Hojac battling a snowy, wet summer in Europe while they attempt to climb the American Direct route on the Aiguille du Dru in Chamonix and the Kuffner arete on Mont Maudit—the Cursed Mountain, and the second-highest peak in the Mont Blanc Massif. Watch here.

“My VR rig has 8 cameras in it but I’m pretty sure that there were times when Renan was rolling off the same amount of cameras in the air, on the ground, on helmets…if you’ve worked with Renan you know that no where is private,” said Griffith.

Behind the Scenes of The Soloist VR