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Five Canadian Ice Climbing Vids for Winter Solstice

For the next three months, Canada will become a world-class ice climbing destination

It’s the first day of winter and much of Canada is cold with some big ice forming, so there’s no better way to get stoked for season than to watch some ice climbing videos.

The 2020/21 ice season in Canada has already seen a number of first ascents and repeats of big lines. To follow along in the action, check out the weekly ice climbing updates here.

Below are five ice climbing videos from across Canada that will inspire you to dust off the tools and get ready for the next three months of winter. And be sure to check out Black Ice from Reel Rock if you have the chance.


The Chief doesn’t have ice form much, but when it does the local rock climbers are quick to rope up for wild granite ice adventures.


Killer Pillar and French Reality are two of the most classic hard routes on the Stanley Headwall. Enjoy this new video with three Europen crushers.


Grandy Mardy Falls is an all-time classic northwestern Ontario ice climb. Here’s a 2020 ascent with guide Aric Fishman.


The 2008 Petzl ice trip to Quebec explored hard routes throughout the province.

East Coast

The Maritimes have a lot of ice climbing, when the conditions are good, and here’s an example from Cape Breton.