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Five Performance Tips for Weekend Warriors

Remember to climb safe this long weekend

It’s the first long weekend of summer and you weekend warriors are dusting off your weekend warrior racks for some rock climbing.¬†Whether you spend all weekend climbing or just a few hours, there are a few ways to maximize your performance.

Besides being prepared for the climbing, don’t forget about safety, such as wearing helmets, knots in ends of ropes for rappels and practice good communication. The crags will be busy this weekend, so be sure to share and have a backup plan.

If your goal this weekend is to maximize climbing time, then performing well and not burning out should be at the top of your list.

Weekend warriors at Grassi Lakes

Fit and Ready

The worst thing you can do is show up to a crag hungover, tired and not prepared. You wait all week to climb for a few days so be prepared.

Get a good sleep, eat the right food and focus on sending starting Thursday morning. Be sure you get to the crag fully ready to climb hard, so don’t do a big training session on Friday night.

Warm Up

Your body needs to be in tip-top shape to climb hard things. Doing a thorough warm-up can get your through the summer.

Wave the arms, legs, stretch your fingers and neck and shoulders. If you think you look silly, you’re doing it the right way. Start on easy climbs to get the blood flowing and the nervous system firing.

Crags with a big approach can help the body loosen up.

Optimize the Weekend

Don’t show up on Saturday and burn yourself out. Try to balance how hard you try your project(s). You’re going to be super keen after a week of work, but pace yourself.

One thing that can help is by resting in between burns. There are ways to optimize and build to your perfect weekend send. Listen to your body.


Bring enough food and water to stay energized, but don’t eat or drink too much.

Consume small amounts of the foods that work best with your energy levels. More is not better, but pace yourself.

The Psych

You’re psyched! You’ve waited all weekend, but you need to calm down and take it easy. Climbing is slow and methodical so don’t be too psyched (is there such a thing?).

Focus on your breathing and don’t climb too fast. Focus on the send, but know that you’ll fail many times before success.¬†After all, that’s what weekend warrior-ing is all about. Keeping a little something saved for the next weekend.

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