The Flashed Dyno Comp. took place at the Squamish Mountain Festival on the weekend. Some of the areas best climbers got some big air between the start and finish holds.

Miles Adamson won the competition, watch the dyno below.

The second place Steve Townshend said this about Adamson’s win: “Myles won using a cool technique i have never seen/tried before. It’s called the step up. It’s when you step up onto the hand holds and jump a second time. This isn’t really competing for the official world record because in official sanctioned comps (usually at World Cup events) you are not allowed to step on the hand-holds, your feet are only allowed to use the foot holds. So not a world record, but still a very cool dyno. Congrats Myles on a job well done.”

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Steve Townshend  Photo Mike Foley

Steve Townshend Photo Mike Foley