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Four Radical Bouldering Videos to Preserve the Psych

Four bouldering videos to get you stoked about climbing once we can get back out there!

If only muscle recovery increased dramatically during this period of staying at home. Our bodies are made out of muscle fibres that require time to heal. As a result we will spend an incredible amount of time sitting, staring into our computer screens.

What is there to do? Watch as many bouldering and climbing videos as you can to pass the time. If you’re looking for motivation, check out our training sessions.

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The Nate Draughn Redemption Story | chronicles one climber’s journey through life’s highs and lows. From an early start in climbing to losing control of everything at the hands of drugs. One thing remained true the whole way through: a love for the sport. In a return to his old stomping grounds of Boone, North Carolina, Nate Draughn recounts his journey through the last two decades of climbing, drugs, and redemption. This short film was created by Ian Dzilenski and Nate Draughn with the help of many of the good people in the Boone community, climbers and otherwise. To learn more about the filmmakers, find Ian and Nate on social media: @dizzyfilms_ @ndragon___ Link in our bio! ☝️ #madrock #climbingisourpassion #definedbypassion #redemption

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Kevin Takashi Smith: Jimmy Webb in Eurofail 2018

Kevin Takashi Smith is known for his beautiful bouldering videos and his work with Mellow Climbing. Though Mellow is undoubtedly a sick channel, today we are looking at Smith’s channel on Vimeo. For years, Vimeo has acted as a secret source for radical climbing videos. Smith’s Jimmy Webb in Eurofail 2018 is perhaps one of the greatest examples of this trend and is definitely worth your time.


The Redemption of Nate Draughn: Dizzy Films

Last year, Ian Dzilenski and Nate Draughn teamed up to create an important short-length movie. The Redemption of Nate Draughn delved into what it meant to climb honestly and the struggle of drug addiction on the athlete.

Upon its release, we completed a full write-up that explored the details of the story. It is definitely worth watching.

Alex Megos on Vimeo

Sure, Rotpunkt is radical, but sometimes a full-length movie is just a bit much for the tired climber. Fortunately, German powerhouse Alex Megos has created his own bouldering channel on Vimeo.

The aptly named channel, Powerhouse, features edits dating back to 2014. Some of the footage isn’t available anywhere else and makes for some pretty exceptional rock climbing.

Rooftown Vol 1: Nathaniel Davidson

Nathaniel Davidson is a rock climber and filmmaker that has made high-quality bouldering videos for years. In December of 2016, Davidson released what would become of the most beautiful bouldering films of its generation.

Featuring professional climber Matt Gentile, Rooftown Vol 1 is the first of a three volume series and features some of the most wild limestone roofs you have ever seen.

Exceptional featured photo by Kevin Takashi Smith of Jimmy Webb on Dreamtime.