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Federica Mingolla is Italian Crusher!

Federica Mingolla has repeated Tom et je ris 5.14b in the Verdon Gorge, France. Mingolla is one of Italy’s strongest women sport climbers.

Mingolla, the 20-year-old from Turin, has only been climbing for five years. She climbs between classes while studying sports sciences in university. This is her first 5.14b, she sent her first 5.14 last May. Mingolla is quickly rising to the top of young women climbers on the international scene.

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It was on Oct. 2, that she sent Tom et je ris 5.14b in the Verdon Gorge, between classes.

Fredrica Mingolla on Tom et je ris 5.14b Photo Elio Cacchio/bshopzone.com

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