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The French ‘Spiderman’ Arrested After London Building Solo

Alain Robert, the 56-year-old free-soloist from France, was arrested after he climbed the more than 200-metre Salesforce Tower (formerly the Heron Tower) in London. Hundreds stopped to watch Robert as he slowly made his way up a large corner-system on the building’s side.

The Guardian reported that Robert had three buildings on his list to chose from and decided on Salesforce. Robert had previously soloed bigger structures, including Australia’s 35o-metre Sydney Tower and the 350-metre Eiffel Tower.

Though Robert has performed some building climbs legally, authorities have arrested him on numerous occasions. He was even expelled from a country after Chinese authorities jailed him for five days when he climbed the 88-story Jin Mao Building wearing a Spider-Man costume. Watch a clip below.

Commander Karen Baxter told The Guardian, “The incident this afternoon has had a considerable impact on police, other emergency services, and the local community. “Our officers, the London Fire Brigade, and the London Ambulance Service all attended this incident, taking them away from genuine emergencies.”

Alex Honnold recently abandoned an attempt to climb a building in New Jersey after he felt like a “peeping Tom” and conditions became dangerous. He spend a night huddled by warm electrical unit.

Bryan Yeubrey, Robert’s manager, said after Thursday’s climb, “I am really glad. I think it would have been a much tougher climb than he thought. I am always glad when he is safe after these things.

“Now he will be arrested and go to court. Hopefully they will not be too hard on him because actually he is a really good guy.”