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Half Dome Cables Open Early Due to Drought

California is parched and you don’t need to look beyond Yosemite to notice the effects.

The classic Half Dome cable hike.  Photo NPS
The classic Half Dome cable hike. Photo NPS

In March, Glacier Point Road opened. It was the first time the road has been opened before May in 20 years. Why? Because there’s no snow.

That’s the same reason Half Dome is opening three weeks early to “hikers.” Often, the peak’s north-facing summit trail has snow until mid-May, but not this year.

Drought in America

Park visitors can start climbing Half Dome’s steel cables and wood planks as of this upcoming weekend. To climb Half Dome up its fixed route, you need to enter a lottery and be given a permit.

Watch this complete ascent of the Half Dome cables. The narration is priceless.