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Ice Climber in Critical Condition After B.C. Avalanche

An avalanche in Field, B.C., caught a group of ice climbers off guard and one is now in critical condition in Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary. STARS air ambulance and emergency crews in Banff responded to the accident.

UPDATE: The ice climber has passed away from her injuries, see here for more.

There was a guided group on or around the ice climb Massey’s, which is about one kilometre east of Field and is a popular 140-metre WI4. The route is in an avalanche slide path like many ice climbs around Field.

The injured climbed is 47 years old, but no other information is available. The avalanche rating was moderate in the alpine, low at treeline and low below treeline. Parks Canada said it would provide more information as soon as they can.


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