The ice climber who passed away in an accident on Christmas Day on Cascade Falls in Banff has been was Carl Hawkins, 26, who was living in Canmore at the time.

Originally from Guelph, Hawkins was working and living in the Bow Valley when something went wrong during a solo ice climb that resulted in fatal injuries.

A number of online posts have been published over the past few weeks, including an obituary, a new route report, a fundraiser and blogs remembering Hawkins.

“Carl did exactly what he loved to do and was a very experienced climber,” reads his obituary here.

“He lived life to its fullest and felt most at home at the very top of a mountain, sleeping in his tent overnight at times. Carl did the things many of us only talk or dream about, but never experience. He was kind, sentimental and had such a clever wit, loving to play jokes on people.”

Philippe Marquis-Driard was a climbing partner of Hawkins who wrote about a new ice climb they two climbed less than a month before Hawkins passed.

Marquis-Driard has named the 180-metre route the Carl Hawkins Memorial Route WI5+. On Facebook, he said, “If there’s two things we can really learn from Carl, it’s his incredibly grateful attitude and how purposefully simple his life was.”

Nat Bailey, a friend and climbing partner of Hawkins, wrote in a blog, “Though I hope to drink Jameson in a mountain storm again, I know that I’ll never again pass that bottle to Carl. That being said, I can raise it to my dear friend.”

Hawkins was a big part of his climbing community and will be deeply missed by his family, friends and mountain partners.

Carl Hawkins / Photo posted to fundraiser page here

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