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Take Your Valentine’s Date to a Climbing Gym

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you Valentine’s Day-celebrating climbers. If you just think it’s all a big sham, then go check out this video of John Bachar soloing a 5.12.

There’s no doubt that many climbing couples met at a climbing gym or crag, but they also make a great place to head on a first date.

For you climbers looking for a fun first date, here are five reasons why going to the climbing gym is a great idea.

It’s Fun: If the date sucks, at least you’re at a climbing gym with a lot of people out moving around. You can climb on, move on or move out.

Personality Test: If you want to see what sort of personality you’re out on a date with, go climbing. While climbing is not the ultimate test, it sure is close. If your date is throwing a fit after falling or just laughing and having fun good is likely how they deal with day to day life stuff.

Not that Committing: Whereas going out to dinner and a movie forces you both to sit and sit and sit and then watch something next to someone, climbing is loosey goosey. You can wander around, chat with others and leave after one climb or many.

Time Apart: Even the most fun dates have awkward silences. At the climbing gym you get forced time apart. When one climber is on the wall, the other is belaying, spotting or just walking around. Those little breaks add up and can create a better and more meaningful conversation.

Apres-Climb: If the date isn’t going well then just head home after climbing. If it is, then head to a nearby bar or coffee shop. Gyms are almost always in urban centres and close to entertainment.

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