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Jenny Fischer and Kat Whipple Tackle China Offwidth

Far Away is a climbing area where Jenny Fischer and Kat Whipple attempted a first ascent in Liming, China. Far Away, a film by Samuel Crossley Media documents Jenny and Kat’s journey, watch below.

What a whirlwind last few days of our trip to China! I woke up this past Monday am thinking, today’s the day. Let’s send the climb and then go spend time climbing more of the amazing climbs in Liming. Instead Chinese Government officials came to the hotel and informed all of us that a flood was coming and although it would not hit Liming directly, it would likely destroy the road out of Liming. We would get stuck there for at least a week possibly many weeks. Our flights were only a couple days away, so 11 of us foreigners/climbers reluctantly jumped on a bus and headed to Dali to avoid the flood. What an unexpected flip of events… Jenny and I didn’t get a chance to get back on the off-width FA, after both taking whippers on our last try. It was so hard to abruptly leave Liming, such a magical place! And also hard to leave a climb unsent. But we also had had chances to send and everything hadn’t aligned yet for us to send free. I know I will get on it again someday and am so grateful for all the experiences and lessons from…the generosity of the local people there, the majestic beauty and the climbing. Liming stole my heart. A mentor of mine always said, if plans drastically change outside of your control, pay close attention the universe is telling you something important. With @jenny.lemonpie PHOTO by @wheretowillie

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