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Jo.Si.To is Where to Stay at Geyikbayiri

Since 2002, the Jo.Si.To. guesthouse has been the main camp and meeting point for both local and international climbers.

Jo Si To Turkey
Climbering in Geyikbayiri, Turkey.  Photo Jo.Si.To 

Situated in the heart of the climbing area Geyikbayiri, Antalya, Turkey, which was recently saved from a new mine.

Jo.Si.To writes on their website: “Geyikbayiri is the largest sports climbing area in Turkey. The crag is 25 km from the busy tourist city of Antalya, with the only “tourists” being rock climbers.

“The main crags are both north and south facing with several other buttresses which in total provide over 850 routes across all grades. There is still potential to develop many more routes and sectors.

“The climbing is on superb limestone rock, with many features such as slabs and faces with small crimps to bomber overhanging tufas and roofs. The majority of the routes are single pitch though there are some two-pitch routes as well. The crag has been developed since 2001 and therefore all of the routes have good quality bolts.

“The main crag faces predominantly south and is almost a mile long, with over 600 routes which generally follow good lines up impressive features. The other, cooler north facing crag offers three-dimensional climbing on towers and in caves.

“Most of the routes are single pitch, generally 20 to 35 metres, with a few mega routes reaching up to 50 m. The steeper routes tend to follow tufas systems of all sizes, giving varied, three dimensional climbing with lots of opportunities to rest on foot hooks and knee bars. The less steep routes follow perfect grey/white limestone on crimps and pockets, featuring delicate, technical and balancy moves. However, it is the routes through the highly impressive cave systems that are the most striking and offer something different to many other European venues.”

JoSito – Geyikbayiri, Antalya, Turkey. from Foto Vertical on Vimeo.