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Kameyama Sends No Kpote V17 and Suggests Downgrade

Ryohei Kameyama has made the second ascent of barefoot climber Charles Albert’s No Kpote in Font. Albert recently climbed the long-time project and graded it V17.

Kameyama, who has climbed Big Island V15 and Kuzan V15, said that he hasn’t climbed many routes harder. No Kpote only took him four sessions, according to 8a.nu, which means the V17 grade might lowered. Kameyama suggest V16/17 on Instagram, but admits that he doesn’t know much about grading routes V15 or harder. “I feel Burden of Dreams is more a little difficult than this problem. I think this boulder is V16/17 (8C+/9A).”

Ryohei has been projecting Burden of Dreams, the world’s first V17, first climbed by Nalle Hukkataival. Ryohei is close to linking all of the moves, but hasn’t in eight days.

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