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Kickstarter for New Children’s Book About Rock Climbing

Tom and Katie’s Climbing Adventures mock-up

A climbing dad from Montreal wants to get kids into rock climbing with the help of exhilarating illustrated stories.

This cool project is called Tom and Katie’s Climbing Adventures and is currently campaigning on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

The first of its kind, this book will be available both in English and French and will propose stories in four different climbing disciplines: indoor, sport, bouldering and traditional.

Its author, Olivier Roberge, has been a writer-director for 15 years and a climber for more than 25. The book’s illustrations are the work of multidisciplinary artist Sandrine Bulté.

The book is made for climbing parents, “the true goal of these stories is to get kids into climbing, so that their parents can spend more days at their beloved crags,” said Roberge.

“I’ve looked everywhere for this kind of books but couldn’t find even one, let alone one written by a climber.”

The illustrations and storytelling are meant to immerse kids in the climbing universe with the hope of them wanting to emulate the characters and fall in love with the sport.

Watch the short video about the new book and visit the kickstarter page here.