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Kutcher at St. Alban

Nathan Kutcher spent three days in St. Alban where he onsighted three M10s. St. Alban is an all bolted dry-tooling crag near Quebec City. The rock is not the best, but it makes for great early season training with over 60 dry-tool routes. Kutcher climbed the three hardest routes at the crag on his first try.

From Kuthcer’s blog: First up was Extasie M10. Starting out I was a little nervous because I wanted to do this route first try. After getting past the first big move which wasn’t as hard as it looked from the ground I was too busy climbing to think about anything, but where the next hold was and how to get to it… Next up was Petit Victor, M10… After climbing up under the big roof I stalled out for a few moments until I found a tiny hold and committed to making the first big move out the roof… Last was Histoire de Coeur, M10-… Fighting my way across the rest of the steep rock and up the vertical rock to the top of the cliff was far more difficult for me than on the first two, but I did it!