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Light Show on Matterhorn to Inspire Hope During Coronavirus

Nearly everyone around the world is in this together and moments like this can help inspire hope and community

The Matterhorn is one of the most famous peaks in the world, with over 100 years of epics and legendary ascents. Now, during the coronavirus outbreak, Swiss authorities are lighting up one of the peak up to show solidarity in the fight against the coronavirus.

Local officials in Zermatt have authorized light artist Gerry Hofstetter to illuminate the peak with words and images of encouragement and inspiration. Nearly everything in Zermatt and across Switzerland is closed as officials join an international effort to beat coronavirus.

Some of the images include a heart, the Swiss flag, the words “Hope” and “#stayhome.” The exhibition runs nightly from sundown to 11 p.m., weather permitting, and can be seen live on the www.zermatt.ch/hope site. The shows are to run through April 19.