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Man Dies in B.C. From “Climbing” Accident

An 18-year-old man was out for a hike near Vernon, B.C. when he decided to climb a chossy rock outcrop near the road.

Taylor Samuel Archer, who had been rock climbing in the past, decided to “scramble” up a chossy, lichen-covered outcrop next to a dirt road on the weekend.

Taylor Archer.  Photo Global news
Taylor Archer. Photo Global news

Archer was about 10 metres up when the rock broke away and he fell. Despite best efforts by his friends and paramedics, Archer died from his injuries.

Most climbers are guilty of letting their curiosity get the best of them when they see something climbable. From urban buildings and bridges to rock outcrops near roads, we’ve all imagined a line somewhere we shouldn’t.

It’s clear Archer’s motivation was to climb something that looked safe enough to him, a call we’ve all made in the past. It’s unfortunate and sad that in Archer’s case, the rock simply couldn’t stay together and when it broke loose it took him with it.

Play safe this spring. Our condolences to Archer’s friends and family.