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Marcel Remy is Senior Sender!

Swiss climber Marcel Remy turns 92 and spends his birthday on the sharp-end in Leonidio, Greece.

Marcel and his sons Yves and Claude spent the first week of February at the popular new crag in Greece where Marcel led FOSL 5.9 for the start of his 93rd year.

Marcel Remy at 91 climbing Ace of Spades 5.9 in Dent de Jaman
Marcel Remy at 91 climbing Ace of Spades 5.9 in Dent de Jaman

Marcel was born in Switzlerland in 1923. At a young age, an avalanche killed his mother and sister. The same snow slide destroyed half of his house.

His father worked at the local train station. Marcel remembers watching people come to climb and wanted to join them.

When he was old enough, Marcel followed in his father’s footsteps and worked for the railroad. He was married at 30 and began work as a conierfeirie (custodian) with his wife.

Marcel has been climbing for nearly 80 years. Now in his 90’s, Marcel enjoys climbing with his sons. They’ve made a number of trips to Kalymnos over the years.

To stay fit, Marcel climbs at a climbing gym in the winter. In the summer, he climbs rock climbs and alpine climbs as often as he can.

Marcel is an inspiration in his local climbing community and is known for his positive attitude.

There are not many 92-year-old climbers out there leading 5.9. This summer, a film crew will be following Marcel around the mountains. We look forward to watching the final product.

Happy Birthday Marcel and keep up the strong climbing.

Marcel Remy  Photo
Marcel Remy Photo Source: Patrizia Guenzi

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