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Matilda Soderlund and Margo Hayes Send in RRG

This is Red River Gorge (RRG) season and there’s been some big sends over the past month, including two by Matilda Soderlund and Margo Hayes.

Soderlund reported on Instagram that she has sent Pure Imaginaation 5.14c. She’s climbed a number of 5.14s this year.

“So, so happy that I managed to keep it together and send it on the very last day,” she said. “I was very close about a week earlier and then it got super cold. Then we got one day with perfect conditions and I was able to send it I learnt a lot and enjoyed the process of projecting and all of the mental challenges and mind games that it includes.”

And Margo Hayes sent Southern Smoke 5.14c and Golden Ticket 5.14c a few weeks ago.

“I had a wonderful time visiting The Red for the first time in a while,” Hayes said. “I met up with friends from France and was able to spend some time climbing with my dad.

“He’s always my favourite partner. I wanted to try a some classics and some routes that looked intriguing to me. I climbed the Golden Ticket and Southern Smoke in five tries each.”

Hayes has sent Biographie/Realization and La Rambla, both 5.15a and a number of 5.14ds.

Other big sends that went down were by Melissa Le Never of Golden Ticket 5.14c and Anna Liina Laitinen of Lucifer 5.14c (watch below).