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Mega Whipper Wins Squamish Exposed People’s Choice

Quentin Roberts takes big falls before heading to Himalayas for fall expedition

The 2019 Squamish Exposed People’s Choice Award went to Ted Hesser for him image of Quentin Roberts taking a massive whipper on Blood Meridian 5.12c in the North Walls. The belayer for the big whippers was David Brayden.

“We woke up at 2 a.m. thinking the light would hit at 5:30 to 6,” said Hesser. “We were wrong. Ended up dangling for three hours waiting for the light. In our boredom Quentin offered to keep taking bigger and bigger whips. No fear in that one.”

Roberts is preparing to head to the Himalayas with Tim Banfield and Juho Knuuttila. “We’ve changed our plans to the Namche zone in Nepal, upon deciding that the Kashmir conflict is too turbulent at the moment,” said Roberts. “Instead we’ve got permits for these two beauties: Tengkangpoche and it’s unclimbed North Pillar and Cholatse.”

Squamish Exposed had six of the industry’s top climbing photographers took to the granite walls of Squamish, joined by six climbing athletes and six lucky members of the public.


The task: to climb, shoot and edit a slideshow that represents the best of climbing in Squamish. On Saturday night, in front of a packed crowd, the photographers delivered their shows which were judged on technical composition, originality, theme and overall impression.

First Place: Tara Kerzhner

Second Place: Alex Eggermont

Third Place: Ted Hesser

Irene Yee

Joe Segreti

Pete Hoang