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Meteora Festival Banned

A documentary that follows two climbers who climb two of the most dangerous and challenging routes on sandstone towers in Greec. They slept on the summit and basejumped down.

A cold day back in the 11th century an old man was trying to climb a massive wall of sandstone and conglomerate which overlooked the plain valleys of a small village in Central Greece. With a use of wooden sticks pinned into the small wholes and cracks of the wall and a rope ladder the old man managed to climb the tower. He lived there for many years.

Now the region has more than 800 routes, with a mixture of run-out bolts and trad climbing. Routes that are exposed and sometimes life threatening. The ethics here have always been to bolt minimally.

Recently the Greek Central Archaeological Council (KAS) has banned a world known international climbing festival at the giant rock formations of Meteora. Any sport activity and especially climbing is in a serious danger to be banned permanently. Our right to be able to enjoy this place and have access to it is supported by a small local community of the village and fans from around the world.

Project Paradise Lost from Annouk on Vimeo.