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Mountain Hardwear Impact Initiative: Vincent Colliard

Polar explorer and Mountain Hardwear Ambassador of Impact, Vincent Colliard, is traveling the globe with the goal of skiing and surveying the world’s 20 largest glaciers.

From ecologist and Ambassador of Impact, @charles_post: "In 1906, a hunter and naturalist named Charles Sheldon made his way into the Alaskan backcountry. Over the course of his first winter in the bush, Sheldon witnessed the relentless slaughter of dall sheep, a mountain dwelling sheep perfectly suited for the slopes of Alaska's wildest mountains and monoliths. Sheldon was an astute observer of the natural world who forecasted an impending systematic decline of his beloved dall sheep should protective measures fail to be established. With keen interest and support from wilderness warrior, Teddy Roosevelt's Boone and Crockett Club, he rushed back to Washington D.C. with a heavy heart to petition the U.S. Government to protect the remaining dall sheep of Denali. He dreamed of a future where these majestic climbers of alpine crags and brows that loom amongst the Alaskan sky would once again roam free from unbridled rifle barrels of commercial hunters feverishly fueling the flood of miners and settlers adamant about taming what wilderness lay between them and "progress". On February 26, 1917 his petition was realized as a bill to protect 2 million acres of wilderness as Denali National Park, formerly known as Mount McKinley National Park. This is proof that one person can change the fate of wilderness and the wildlife who call these patches of Earth home." Photo: @rachel.pohl. #ImpactInitiative

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The IceLegacy Project, in partnership with Børge Ousland, began in 2014 with Svalbard’s Spitsbergen glacier in an effort to bring awareness to the effects of climate change on the polar environment.

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